Commercial Real Estate Evaluations

For several years Dean Real Estate has provided commercial real estate evaluation services to the financial industry. Unlike other firms that use box-checking, fill-in-the-blank or standard form reports, we produce quality narrative reports that are tailored to the type and scale of property being valued. Plus, at Dean Real Estate we don’t out-source our assignments to anonymous independent contractors or field agents. Our reports are prepared in-house and we provide coverage to the markets we know best, Metro Boston South/South Shore and Southeastern MA. This not only ensures a timely and reliable report, it ensures an accurate valuation at a competitive and reasonable price.

Click on Commercial Real Estate Evaluation FAQs pdf-5 for information about evaluations.

If you would like to elevate the quality of your credit decisions and lower your valuation expenses at the same time, please call Steve Porter at 781.982.2929 or email him at